Notifications vs. emails


I don’t quite get what options I have regarding emails and have a few questions:

  • how do Discourse ‘Notifications’ and the emails sent relate? Is it possible to be notified on the site but not get an email?
  • as I’m not sure yet if the forums are for me: Is there an option to get the old behaviour back: plain old mailing lists with plain text emails or is HTML mail the only option?

Many thanks,

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Hi @johannesweiss-

If you turn on mailing list mode, you’ll get emails for all notifications. (unless you’ve muted them)

There is not currently a plain text email list option, although I know it has been proposed as a feature for Discourse.

Thanks @Nicole_Jacque ! What if I have turned off mailing list mode, what will I get emails about? It seems one email per notification but can I switch that off/customise it?

Thanks, Johannes

You’ll get emails if you are private messaged or tagged – assuming you leave that enabled.

Plain text email should be a hard requirement.