NOTICE: windows-swift is now swift-build

For those that are using the builds that I have setup on Azure, please note that that I have renamed the project from windows-swift to swift-build. Please update any links that you may have. Correspondingly, the GitHub repository has been renamed as well.

This was motivated by the fact that the project has outgrown its original name, and now is far more encompassing than what I set out towards at the beginning.

The immediate impact of this is largely that links everywhere will be broken, but, nothing else really changes as the project has been focusing on a variety of targets for a while now. Longer term, I expect that this will result in the repository layout changing a bit to contain additional build related items as I experiment with further changes to improve the development flow.

Happy Holidays!



To avoid confusion, I would recommend using some other name because swift-build is a swiftpm command-line tool. I don’t have a suggestion though :stuck_out_tongue:.


@compnerd is there any plans for adding windows snapshots download link in I think the Windows 2019 Build on Swift CI is passing.

Those are currently build-only; the only snapshots currently available are on Azure at

Be aware that I am completely reworking the builds to make it easier for people to be able to grab the correct builds. The new VS2019 pipeline should as a result contain all the artifacts needed for use (zip of the toolchain, sdk, developer tools, MSIs, etc).

The new VS2019 Swift 5.2 pipeline should get you similar things for the 5.2 release, though that may be a couple of days away as the builds take a while to get through and the restructuring is causing a lot of failures.

In the mean time, it largely just means that there is a bit of trawling needed to find a build that has the artifacts desired.


Hey compnerd. Really great work on the windows side of things obviously. I was actually trying to grab some of the vs2019 artifacts from nightlies but noticed that the 'runs' view just indefinitely loads on my browser. I tried on edge and chrome but I can't see any artifacts.

Is that expected right now due to some maintenance? Do you have any work around for getting a swift binary and to be able to build swift programs on windows? I was following your instructions in your swift-build windows doc.

Odd, something is not right, the runs appear properly for me. However, Im not sure what you mean by a swift binary. If you are looking for the toolchain/runtime/SDK, you can use the utilities/ script from the swift-build repository to get the URL for the latest artifacts.

Thanks. So I can only see completed / partially completed builds in the azure pipelines if I filter them by state and if you triggered the build.

I have the basic directory structure in place how your repo described, and can even detect my swift version from my windows shell now.

Unfortunately however, I don't have the swift runtime. I can't find it as an artifact in any of the pipelines and whenever I run the utilities/ script, I get no output.

Do you know where I could get the swift runtime to add to my Library directory structure?

The packaging step is what is responsible for pulling apart the SDK build into the runtime and the SDK components. The reason for the split is that the runtime is the subset of the SDK that the user will need to have to actually use the programs. The SDK contains additional developer only pieces which are not necessary to redistribute and do add up. I'm working on actually reviving the MSI generation for the Windows builds and will try to add that to the VS2019 build.

As to the utilities/ you need to pass in the parameters to actually get the output. Try using the --help.

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