Notice of ABI break for users of task executors

I wanted to give our bleeding-edge toolchain users a heads-up that we've just changed the compiler/runtime ABI for SE-0417 (task executors). (Even on platforms with a stable ABI, it's still okay for us to do this because the feature hasn't yet been released.) If you're been using task executors with something like a nightly/weekly build of the toolchain, then the next time you install a new toolchain, please make sure you do a full rebuild of your code and link against the new runtime libraries. Hopefully you're doing this anyway! But it's especially important this time.

This ABI change will not affect you if you are using an official release or aren't using task executors.[1]

  1. If you're using an official release, you necessarily aren't using task executors because, again, the feature has not yet appeared in an official release. I just wanted to be very clear to head off any worry. ↩ī¸Ž