Noob hardware question

Currently Using Swift Playgrounds on an iPad to learn coding in Swift. Going forward, what hardware is recommended for developing iOS games using Swift? Also can someone who is working with Swift to develop games recommend a drawing program that seamlessly works with Swift to create backgrounds and characters for gaming? Thank you in advance.

I adde #off-topic tag to this thread, but don't be afraid it just means that your questions are more unusual to what is expected in the forums, which does not mean that you won't get a good answer from someone. ;)

I recommend that at least you use an actual Macbook Pro. I own a 2017 Macbook air and I can confirm that it's not the best for developing iOS apps. Also depends on the kind of game you want to create.

Thank you. We have a 2010 iMac, but we know it should be upgraded to run the newest x code version. Also, is there a recommended drawing program that integrates well with Swift for creating backgrounds and character art? Thanks

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