Non async version of addTeardownBlock

Howdy! I'm using the beta version of Xcode 13 and Big Sur, yet when I try to compile some swift package tests Xcode errors with 'addTeardownBlock' is only available in macOS 12.0 or newer. It looks like the only version of addTeardownBlock is async, and the old version is objc only, and the old non async version has been removed.

Is this considered a bug I should file on or was it an explicit decision?

Howdy-do? Welcome to the Swift forums!

A non-async function can be used anywhere an async function is expected, similar to how non-throws functions can satisfy throws requirements [SE-296], so the new version seems to cover both. Maybe it's a mistake that it was marked as unavailable until macOS 12, but it's just around the corner now (Monterey is coming this month probably) so I don't think it's worth filing a report. Not sure though.

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