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Oh, if nominating same (not previously accepted) package multiple times is fine, I'll add my +1 to this


Packages from previous months that were not selected carry over, at least while we are struggling for nominations, so Benchmark is still in the list :+1:

Consider it double-nominated! :joy:

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Oops, did I pick it before? I only checked that I hadn't recommended it last time :sweat_smile:

I would like to nominate:

Reason: pointfree has done the (seemingly) impossible: They have backported Apple's Observation all the way back to iOS 13! :exploding_head: You don't have to wait to adopt SwiftUI's observation superpowers! You can benefit from them today!

Reason: Drop dead simple Markdown views in SwiftUI, that respond to native changes (e.g. light/dark mode). Plus, it supports more markdown features than vanilla SwiftUI Text views.


Actually, when I came to update the winners for this month, I saw that it already won and was on the Community Showcase page for January :face_with_peeking_eye:

It's excluded from future months because of that. We are working on adding a historical record of all featured packages, as this will be more likely to happen as we go forward.


Just a quick note to say that this month's packages are now live on the site.

Please keep the nominations coming!


I'll bite...


Makes adding animations to your UI a cinch. Turn any aftereffects file into an animated view, or download one from


You shouldn't be embarrassed. We all have to do it at some time. That's right, asynchronously download, cache, and present images. Nuke improves on AsyncImage, mainly in that you don't have to worry about setting up your own caching. It can also adapt images, reducing size for example.


Godot game engine project to SwiftUI Xcode app for visionOS. Timely.
Easy, fast, much needed free tool to develop in 3D for Apple Vision Pro.
See also GodotVisionExample repo which uses this package.

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I'd like to nominate Fork which allows for parallelizing multiple async functions. I was going to attempt to explain what Fork is, but Zach did a great job on the readme so below is a snippet of that, and said readme also does a great job explaing use cases.

Fork is a Swift library that allows for parallelizing multiple async functions. It provides a Fork struct that takes a single input and splits it into two separate async functions that return different outputs. The two functions can then be merged into one which returns a single output.

  • Package: Adwaita for Swift
  • Reason for nomination: Allows creating user interfaces for GNOME with an API similar to SwiftUI.

If you are going to mention a Godot project, might as well mention SwiftGodot – Swift Package Index the Swift Godot bindings. which makes all other Swift Godot projects possible.


You can definitely be forgiven for missing it, but SwiftGodot was featured in the very first month of this page being live.

The archive/history section is currently in PR, which will help with this!



Reason for nomination:
A library for easily generating automatic Playbook (Demo) view and Tests using SwiftUI Preview.
It uses an interesting technical solution inside, based on a mixture of plugins and macros.


Thanks for all the nominations!

I'll be taking this months nominations to the SWWG next week, so if there are any more that anyone would like included, please get them posted! :heart:


Almost forgot to add mine! I'm sending the nominations to the SWWG in an hour or so, so please do feel free to add any final ones!


Package: Time
Reason for nomination: The culmination of six years of work from Dave is certainly worth a nomination! None of us enjoy time and date calculations, and if the beta versions of this package were not already, I predict the 1.x release will become an important part of the package ecosystem.

Package: Threadcrumb
Reason for nomination: I thought this was a clever debugging technique to show information in thread backtracces. It's a clever idea and worth showcasing in my opinion!


I already suggested Time some time ago. I guess there should be an easily accessed list of previous suggestions. :slight_smile:

Ah, I'm sorry about that!

We now have a history of the chosen packages here, but this thread serves as the only archive of nominations.

I should have looked more carefully, sorry! If it gets picked, I'll link to both forum posts.

Don’t be sorry for that ! I thought it was funny as you were guarding about duplicates a couple post above. No need to mention my post all credits should go to Dave !

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I would like to nominate AcknowList.

Package: AcknowList
Reason for nomination: Super easy open source license acknowledgements. It can automatically pull the license texts for each of your dependencies. (Parses SPM, cocoapods, plist. Dependencies can also be declared manually.) No build script required.


Thanks everyone! The March packages are now on the site: - Community Showcase

Keep the nominations coming for April, please. Also, spreading the word about this whole process is very much appreciated! :heart: