No such Module sourcekitd in Docker container

I am using VSCode Remote Containers to run a native linux environment.

I am using Swift 5.3.2 Ubuntu 18.04 running in a docker container.

I can build the project. However, None of the imports work. For instance, I use import Vapor and there is a red squiggle under Vapor that says " no such module Vapor"

I have the SourceKit-LSP running in the container. I have tried to rebuild but it still gives me the same messages.

BTW, This works fine under macOS Catalina in VSCode. (no container)

Has anyone else tried to use SourceKit-LSP in VSCode Remote Containers who might know the cause of this?

Upon further research I have the following message from the SourceKit language server:

sourcekit-lsp[220:dcff4700] could not open compilation database for /workspaces/myProject/Sources/App/routes.swift

SourceKit-LSP uses your build directory (e.g. .build/x86_64-unknown-linux/debug) to find dependent modules. If you're running in a container, that is probably missing. If you can login to the container as it is running you could build manually there as a workaround. Or if you can customize the container setup maybe you can get it to build the project as part of that step.

Here is what is in the container:

vscode@bb75cec799d7:/workspaces/myProject$ ls .build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/
build.db  debug
vscode@bb75cec799d7:/workspaces/myProject$ ls .build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/debug                            NIOConcurrencyHelpers.swiftmodule
App.swiftdoc                         NIOConcurrencyHelpers.swiftsourceinfo
App.swiftsourceinfo                  NIOExtras.swiftdoc                NIOExtras.swiftmodule
AsyncHTTPClient.swiftdoc             NIOExtras.swiftsourceinfo
AsyncHTTPClient.swiftmodule          NIOExtrasPerformanceTester.product
AsyncHTTPClient.swiftsourceinfo                       NIOFoundationCompat.swiftdoc
AsyncKit.swiftdoc                    NIOFoundationCompat.swiftmodule
AsyncKit.swiftmodule                 NIOFoundationCompat.swiftsourceinfo
AsyncKit.swiftsourceinfo                         NIOHPACK.swiftdoc
Backtrace.swiftdoc                   NIOHPACK.swiftmodule
Backtrace.swiftmodule                NIOHPACK.swiftsourceinfo
Backtrace.swiftsourceinfo                       NIOHTTP1.swiftdoc                        NIOHTTP1.swiftmodule                        NIOHTTP1.swiftsourceinfo               NIOHTTP2.swiftdoc               NIOHTTP2.swiftmodule                    NIOHTTP2.swiftsourceinfo                  NIOHTTP2PerformanceTester.product             NIOHTTP2Server.product                            NIOHTTPCompression.swiftdoc                 NIOHTTPCompression.swiftmodule                      NIOHTTPCompression.swiftsourceinfo                                 NIOSSL.swiftdoc               NIOSSL.swiftmodule
COperatingSystem.swiftdoc            NIOSSL.swiftsourceinfo
COperatingSystem.swiftmodule         NIOSSLHTTP1Client.product
COperatingSystem.swiftsourceinfo                     NIOTLS.swiftdoc                     NIOTLS.swiftmodule
ConsoleKit.swiftdoc                  NIOTLS.swiftsourceinfo
ConsoleKit.swiftmodule               NIOTLSServer.product
ConsoleKit.swiftsourceinfo           NIOTSHTTPClient.product                    NIOTSHTTPServer.product
CoreMetrics.swiftmodule              NIOTransportServices.swiftdoc
CoreMetrics.swiftsourceinfo          NIOTransportServices.swiftmodule                         NIOTransportServices.swiftsourceinfo
Crypto.swiftmodule                   NIOWebSocket.swiftdoc
Crypto.swiftsourceinfo               NIOWebSocket.swiftmodule
HTTPServerWithQuiescingDemo.product  NIOWebSocket.swiftsourceinfo                           NIOWritePCAPDemo.product
Leaf.swiftdoc                        NIOWritePartialPCAPDemo.product
Leaf.swiftsourceinfo                 RoutingKit.swiftdoc                        RoutingKit.swiftmodule
LeafKit.swiftdoc                     RoutingKit.swiftsourceinfo
LeafKit.swiftmodule                  Run
LeafKit.swiftsourceinfo                            Run.product
Logging.swiftdoc                     Run.swiftdoc
Logging.swiftmodule                  Run.swiftmodule
Logging.swiftsourceinfo              Run.swiftsourceinfo              
Metrics.swiftdoc                     Vapor.swiftdoc
Metrics.swiftmodule                  Vapor.swiftmodule
Metrics.swiftsourceinfo              Vapor.swiftsourceinfo
ModuleCache                                            WebSocketKit.swiftdoc
NIO.swiftdoc                         WebSocketKit.swiftmodule
NIO.swiftmodule                      WebSocketKit.swiftsourceinfo
NIO.swiftsourceinfo                  description.json          index
NIOConcurrencyHelpers.swiftdoc       myProjectPackageTests.product

Here are my settings for the extensions in the container:


"lldb.library": "/usr/lib/",

"sourcekit-lsp.serverPath": "/usr/bin/sourcekit-lsp",

"sourcekit-lsp.trace.server": "messages"


the swift executable is also in /usr/bin

Okay, interesting. You mentioned seeing the warning about the compilation database - do you see any of the following logs? They would be right around the initialize request

    } catch Error.noManifest(let path) {
      log("could not find manifest, or not a SwiftPM package: \(path)", level: .warning)
      return nil
    } catch {
      log("failed to create \(SwiftPMWorkspace.self): \(error)", level: .error)

After further research it looks like the
could not open compilation database
message doesn't really matter because I get the same message on MacOS without docker and it works fine.

I am trying to trace using verbose mode

I have tried under verbose mode and the only log message I get is:

2020-12-22 17:49:51.628 sourcekit-lsp[6278:3effd700] could not open compilation database for /workspaces/myProject/Sources/App/Modules/Frontend/FrontendController.swift
[Trace - 5:49:51 PM] Received notification 'window/logMessage'.
Params: {
    "type": 4,
    "message": "could not open compilation database for /workspaces/myProject/Sources/App/Modules/Frontend/FrontendController.swift"

Actually I receive numerous message of the same type depending on which file I have open.
I checked to see if the build.db was created and even looked inside to see if there is any data. It looks like it created fine.

Ok.. question?

The workspaces directory has the following permissions:

drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Dec 22 17:00 workspaces

The myProject directory has the following permissions:

drwxr-xr-x 19 vscode vscode 608 Dec 22 17:27 myProject

Is it possible that this a permissions issue?

ok... I confirmed that it is a permission issue.

Here is the docker file:

FROM swift:5.3.2-bionic

# Or your actual UID, GID on Linux if not the default 1000

# Avoid warnings by switching to noninteractive
ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive

# Configure apt and install packages
RUN apt-get update \
    # Create a non-root user to use if preferred - see
    && groupadd --gid $USER_GID $USERNAME \
    && useradd -s /bin/bash --uid $USER_UID --gid $USER_GID -m $USERNAME \
    # [Optional] Add sudo support for non-root user
    && apt-get install -y sudo \
    && echo $USERNAME ALL=\(root\) NOPASSWD:ALL > /etc/sudoers.d/$USERNAME \
    && chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers.d/$USERNAME \
    # Clean up
    && apt-get autoremove -y \
    && apt-get clean -y \
    && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

# Switch back to dialog for any ad-hoc use of apt-get

Notice at the bottom I have commented out the USER. When I did this it started to work.

However, I prefer not to be developing as root. Is there any other solution so that I don't have to be root?

Thanks for all your help

It's unclear to me what the permissions issue is here - I would expect we need r-x permission for
"workspaces" and rwx for "myProject" (to potentially create or update the .build directory), and that is what the permissions seem to be already. Do you know what specifically it was failing on?

This is weird,. So I uncommented out the #USER $USERNAME in the docker file and rebuilt the container and ran it.

Now the modules are being recognized.

I don't get it. Why did it not work before? I am confused. You are right, permissions are the same. I then cleaned the project and rebuilt it.

Still works. This is weird.

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