No RELEASE-5.1.1 of the forked LLVM-project?

Hey all-

I started digging more into this bug report and despite my initial misgivings, have been successful at adding sourcekit-lsp to the packaged version of Swift for Fedora 5.1.1. I have some reservations about it, however.

I found by playing with the GitHub archive URLs the swift-5.1.1-RELEASE tarballs for sourcekit-lsp, index store-db, and swift-clang-tools-extra (though they didn't show up in the tag or release pages), but what I was not able to find was a version for llvm-project (which I noted is a fork from llvm).

Without llvm-project, there are some header files missing when compiling, and when I compare against building from master via the Swift instruction page on Ubuntu, llvm-project is definitely there along with llvm.

I opted to use a tarball that was closest to the Swift-5.1.1 release, swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2019-10-19-a.tar.gz but that makes me uneasy because it's presumably not in total sync with the actual -RELEASE tarballs. Is there a strategy for including the llvm-project when building Swift that I'm not aware of?

I'm tracking builds of the sourcekit-lsp-included version of Swift here so as to not upset Feodra/CentOS/RHEL 8 users with all my mistakes on packaging sourcekit-lsp until I can confirm it's working. :upside_down_face:



I am not sure if we expect there to be a tag of llvm-project for 5.1.1, since we only started using the llvm-project monorepo after the release. CC @Alex_L who will know better.

The old split repos have the tags for 5.1.1:

Oh, didn't realize it was post-release; I just figured it was something I was doing wrong as the other projects do have release tags.

We don't have a release tag for 5.1.1 on The 5.1.1 release tag should be taken from the old split repositories that Ben linked to.

I just ran into this myself and was able to check out the right tags by using the swift-5.1-branch, ie git checkout swift/swift-5.1-branch seems to get the right 5.1 release commits for at least llvm/clang/compiler-rt on HEAD. You probably want to stick with the release tarballs from the old repos though, as those would likely get less other source that you don't want.

Yep, that's what I did, thanks!

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