Nightly Swift Docker Images!

We are happy to announce nightly Docker images for master and release branch! The nightly Docker images are automatically updated with development snapshots after they are released on Official Swift release docker images are still available at

Nightly Docker images:
Official release Docker images:
Link is also available on


Platform Docker type Docker Tags
Ubuntu 18.04 Full nightly, nightly-master, nightly-bionic, nightly-master-bionic
Ubuntu 18.04 Slim nightly-slim, nightly-bionic-slim, nightly-master-bionic-slim
Ubuntu 16.04 Full nightly-xenial, nightly-master-xenial
Ubuntu 16.04 Slim nightly-xenial-slim, nightly-master-xenial-slim


Platform Docker type Docker Tags
Ubuntu 18.04 Full nightly-5.2, nightly-5.2-bionic
Ubuntu 18.04 Slim nightly-5.2-bionic-slim
Ubuntu 16.04 Full nightly-5.2-xenial
Ubuntu 16.04 Slim nightly-5.2-xenial-slim

Slim images are designed just for running an already built Swift program. Consequently, they do not contain the Swift compiler.

Swift Tag information

Nightly Docker images contain snapshot tag in .swift_tag file to help identify Swift information.

To push a new Docker tag

docker push swiftlang/swift:tag_name


Thanks so much @mishal_shah!! This is a massive improvement for the whole CI story for Swift and I think will help people adopt newer Swift versions on Linux much faster! Can’t wait to make the SwiftNIO CI much simpler and have it test 5.2 and master :tada:


That's fantastic news, thanks @mishal_shah! Will make sure to use those images on CI so we can spot regressions early :-)

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