Nginx Unit with Swift

What about integration Swift to Nginx Unit?
Or what is the best way to interconnect Nginx with swift?

Does Nginx have a proper API? If so, that would be pretty similar to mod_swift (or PL/Swift for that matter).

I'm not familiar with NGINX development but according to this doc it has Emiller’s Guide to Nginx Module Development – Evan Miller

Nginx Unit is not Nginx.

The usual way to interconnect Nginx with backend is to define a cluster in nginx and forward the requests. This can either be a standard http forwarding (using proxy_pass) or a custom one (like fastcgi_pass and uwsgi_pass).

For Nginx Unit, I took some time trying to understand what problem it solves and the conclusion is that I don't understand what it is designed to do. It can't server a full site without Nginx, but is not design to properly interoperate with Nginx (don't support parameters, don't support unix sockets, …). So it is pretty useless at this point.

Thank you.