Newbie, looking for a good book on swift for beginners

Hi all, this is my first post on this website because I'm interested in learning how to program swift. What's the best book you would recommend for beginner?


Are you looking to learn how to program for the first time using Swift, or already comfortable in some language and are just looking to learn Swift?


If you're interested in App development. Just look into the sample code from Apple.

If you're planning to use swift for server side development. Try Vapor or Perfect or other frameworks. They're easily to find from GitHub.

If you want to use it to do machine learning or other usage. There're also tools for you.

First of all, read the document. Try it yourself in playground. Have fun with it.

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The official Apple Swift book is a good way to get you familiar with the language and its standard types.

Web version here:

One thing it doesn’t really do is explain the ‘culture’ of the swift community and project. You will read on the web about code being ‘swifty’ (i.e. in the correct style or idiom for the language.) I’m still not sure of the best book for that. I’m still looking for the Swift equivalent of the Aaron Hillegass ‘Cocoa Programming fo Mac OS X’ book which elegantly and eloquently explained not just Obj-C but also the philosophy of the Cocoa frameworks.


Hello, Jon yes I am looking to learn to program for the first, do you have any other suggestions on books?