New to Xcode and Swift, general basic question

I have experience with other languages so I'm learning the language at a good pace, however I wanted to experiment with the LaunchScreen.storyboard file in the default new project file.

I have never produced any sort of UI so this is all new to me but I managed to follow a simple guide to make a basic view with buttons and backgrounds and all that. My question is that when I connect my phone and run the project, it shows what is on the .storyboard file for what seems like a second then fades to the black screen with "Hello, World!" centered in white text.

I might be getting ahead of myself in terms of not reaching the point in documentation where this is explained but I'm too curious not to ask! Any tips and resources for getting into Xcode and Swift are also really appreciated!

The question would be better for the Apple DeveloperForums, but the answer is that the launch storyboard is intended to be displayed only for a few moments when your app is first launched. It shouldn't be used for a splash screen or UI experience.

Instead, put your text in the Main storyboard (if you have one) or your main SwiftUI View (if that's what you're doing).

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