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I was looking into learning Swift and found that Apple has a free book "App Development with Swift" -- seems like a good starting point. However I realized it's for XCode 10 and the current one is 12. I'm not sure what version of Swift is discussed in the book. Would this still be a good starting point or are there likely changes in Swift that would be better to learn now rather than starting with outdated code even if it might still work?

I did web design in college and quickly realize what I learned there was vastly outdated and feel behind everything so if I'm going to learn a new programming language I want to do it right.

Hi @jenr,

There is a newer version of this book called "Develop in Swift":

If you're interested in learning iOS too, this is definitely a good book to try.

Do note that "Develop in Swift" is now two books, so the "Fundamentals" book will only cover about half of what was in "App Development with Swift". The second book "Data Collections" should be out soon.

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Thank you @svanimpe!

What is a difference between Develop in Swift AP CS Principles and Explorations book from Apple? Is recommended to follow these before "Fundamentals" or topics are doubled in both of them?

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