New to Development

Hi I'm new to development and wanted a space where I can ask questions, learn, and expand my knowledge.

I'm currently learning Swift and it has been two years of off-and-on dabbling. I stumbled upon some swift engineers and developers that gave me the tools to move ahead and I feel more confident this time around.

I don't come from a background of computer science, but I have love for technology and thinking through how UI is built. Since I'm all Apple, I believe starting with Swift was the right choice. I'm a journalism major who took a intro to HTML, CSS course. The only course I got an A in my final year of College. I've worked for one of the big tech companies in sales for the past 8 years and ready to transition to something more enriching.

I am studying Paul Hudson's 100 Days of Code and Udemy Swift Angela Yu course simultaneously. Both give me clear guidance on portfolio building, vocabulary building, and both support in general foundation.

Hopefully, I can meet some peers and find individuals who are on the same path as me, or individuals who have excelled and are willing to lend a hand here and there.

Be Good!

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