New SwiftLog implementation

I built this library that supports multiple transports(console, file, syslog, etc.) as loggers. It not only works alone, but also as a backend for swift-log. Furthermore, it has file log rotation feature and you can also customize the log format as you like.

In this case(the library not only works alone, but also as a backend for swift-log), can I add this library to the swift-log list of conforming backends in order for people to be able to find the compatible backends more easily?

Thanks in advance.


Excellent work @sushichop, this looks very good on a quick skim... :slight_smile:
We've been waiting for someone to step up and implement a handler with formatting and log rotation :wink:

Yes, absolutely! Pleas open a PR over here:, the PR should add your implementation to the table of implementations and mention what it's all about.

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Thanks for your feedback! I sent a PR:
I'm glad to contribute to the Swift ecosystem :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again.

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