New SwiftLog impl for clients using Firebase

I built this to do time series debugging on a client feed processing app where event based log processors were not helpful, and have just open sourced it. Its very analogous to SwiftyBeaver but with a SwiftLog interface and uses Firebase Cloud Storage for storage.


Fantastic, thanks a lot @leisurehound, that seems very useful! :slight_smile:

Would you be able to add it to the swift-log list of conforming backends or would you rather I add it there (ticketified as )? This is in order for people to be able to find the compatible backends more easily.

Thanks in advance!


Tho am not sure if I did it right, as its pulling in another change that is unrelated too.

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That's right, ended up applying cleanly once another PR was merged :+1:
(We did a master -> main branch rename which caused slight weirdness.)

Thanks again!

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