New Swift Installer for Windows

Hello Windows Swift Users,

A long term complaint about the setup process for Swift on Windows has been the installation process. I would like to officially announce the availability of a new installer for Windows which will help with this setup process. I would like to explicitly thank the Swift for TensorFlow project which provided some of the needed support in accomplishing this.

The new installer streamlines the installation of Swift on Windows for development purposes. It is a unified bundle of the previous MSIs available as an exe. You will find it as the installer.exe product of the toolchain build. It installs the toolchain, SDK, runtime, and ICU in a single shot.

This is available on both the nightly development builds (master) as well as the stable 5.2 builds for Windows.

The ICU and runtime are still MSIs, which are available and can be re-packaged into applications for redistribution. There is updated documentation for the Windows native environment at the GitHub project.

Edit: Sorry, I made a mistake in the original post and put it in the wrong category. This is something which was done as personal work and was not intended to be an official announcement from the Swift project. Apologies for unintentionally misrepresenting this work.


This is awesome :clap: ! Thanks so much guys. It's updates like these that help streamline community engagement. Swift's future looks ever brighter :slight_smile:


well done!

it's great news, thanks