New "Swift Evolution Monthly" newsletter / article series

Today, I published the first issue of a new article series where I'm trying to give a summary of interesting things that have happened here in the Swift Forums, mostly about recently accepted or currently reviewed proposals. In the first issue, I also decided to give some background on Swift Evolutions history. In future issues, I'm planning to mention some interesting pitches that haven't made it to an official review yet, too.

If you're interested in such a summary post, feel free to check it out:

I'm open to any kind of feedback, including of course corrections to my understanding of the proposals mentioned there. I don't claim to understand them all fully with my app developer perspective, so just ping me if you find any mistakes or misunderstandings, so I can correct them.

UPDATE: I just set up a newsletter for this article series as it seems some prefer that format:


Is there an RSS/Atom feed I can subscribe to?

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I just actually took the time to setup this series of articles as a newsletter. Subscribe via email here:

Or follow the RSS feed using this link:


I just published the 2nd issue of my monthly evolution summary:

Please tell me if you find I say anything wrong. I'm especially not sure about my explanation of Existentials in this case, I hope I got that right.


3rd issue is out now with 5 more proposal summaries & 10 recently active pitches linked:

If you have any feedback, please let me know so I can improve future issues for everybody!


Fourth issue out now, covering SE-0359 to SE-0362 & linking to 11 more recently active pitches:

As always, feedback is welcomed!


Fifth issue out now, summarizing SE-0363 to SE-0366 & linking to 11 more recently active pitches:

Note that I moved the articles to my own blog website as some people don't seem to like Medium.

Feedback is welcome, as always.


September (+ August) issue out now, summarizing SE-0367 to SE-0372 & linking to 15 active pitches:

Feedback & corrections are welcome, as always.


October issue out now, summarizing SE-0373 to SE-0377 & linking to 10 active pitches:

Feedback and corrections are welcome, as always!

By the way, since I moved the articles to my own blog the recommended RSS feed is:


December (+ Nov.) issue out now, summarizing SE-0378 through SE-0381 & linking to 11 pitches:

Note that the newsletter format was migrated (from Revue to Substack). The new URL is:

Feedback and corrections are welcome, as always!


Jan + Feb issue out now, summarizing SE-0382 through SE-0384 & linking to more proposals & pitches:

As always, any kind of feedback is welcome!


Minor issue, but:

Here are 10 more use cases for macros:

  1. Domain-specific languages (DSLs) – e.g. mathematics, database queries
  2. Code generation – e.g. JSON to Codable struct
  3. Debugging – e.g. print value of variable before & after a function call
  4. Performance optimization – replace runtime checks with compile-time checks
  5. Syntax extensions – e.g. new control flow constructs or data types
  6. Functional programming – e.g. simulate curried functions
  7. Code instrumentation – e.g. measure performance, monitor usage
  8. Algorithmic complexity analysis – e.g. determine time complexity of sorting
  9. Code obfuscation – e.g. for hard-coded Strings like API keys

This list contains 9 use cases, not 10.

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Thanks for the pointer, should be fixed now! :rocket:

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:tada: 1st Year Anniversary of the Newsletter :tada:

Special edition issue out now with a whole 6 proposal summaries & a special announcement!


May issue out now, summarizing 7 proposals accepted in May & linking to 7 recent pitches:

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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June issue is out now! :tada: :point_down:

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