New Swift Automatic Sign Key

We are updating the Linux development snapshot signing key to 'Swift Automatic Signing Key #3', because 'Swift Automatic Signing Key #2' will expire.

Starting Nov 7th 2019 (tonight) we will be publishing development snapshots with the new signing key.

The new signing key is also available on under "Active Signing Keys”.

Swift Automatic Signing Key #3


Fingerprint: 8A74 9566 2C3C D4AE 18D9 5637 FAF6 989E 1BC1 6FEA

To import the key, run:

$ gpg --keyserver hkp:// \
      --recv-keys \
      '8A74 9566 2C3C D4AE 18D9  5637 FAF6 989E 1BC1 6FEA'


$ wget -q -O - | \
  gpg --import -

Please email if you have any questions.

Mishal Shah


Are you aware you can also change the expiration date of existing keys? That still won't remove the need to --recv-keys to refresh the key from a key server, but it seems preferable to creating a completely new key to me.

Thanks for sharing this information, however it makes it clear to install a new cert.