New release: swift-json now supports swift 5.3–5.5, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS!


hi all, about a month ago, we released the experimental swift-json v0.1.0.

swift-json up to v0.1.6 only compiles on the swift 5.6 nightlies, and contains executable test targets that only compile on linux, which meant the package as a whole only compiles on a nightly toolchain on a linux platform. the macOS support was always shaky and usually required a bit of manual configuration to get it working.

as i’m sure many will agree, this is quite silly, so we’ve made it a goal to support at least three minor swift releases, as well as macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

as part of the v0.2.0 release, i’m pleased to announce that swift-json now supports all the swift package index targets, going all the way back to swift 5.3.

look at all that green!

as the project has matured, i’ve also set up a CI pipeline to test a number of platform × toolchain configurations directly in GitHub Actions.

we are now explicitly testing the following platform × toolchain combinations:

(Windows is on the way too!)

at this point, the library is mostly feature-complete from the Decoder side, so moving forward, we are probably going to focus on testing, code coverage, and documentation to really bring swift-json to a production-ready state. enjoy!


Amazing! Love seeing our build system making itself useful, too!

We have considered whether this should be part of what we build! :sweat_smile:


yes, windows support is something i’d be interested in seeing! OpenBSD too once that matures…

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swift-json 0.2.2 has been released:

this release contains backported fixes to get this package compiling again with the swift 5.6 toolchain in the wake of SE-0335 being dropped from swift 5.6. it also specifies the swift-grammar dependency version more precisely.

swift-json 0.2.2 is source-compatible with earlier 0.2.x versions, and does not contain the v0.3 API.

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