New release: GRDB 5.0.0

Hello Swift Community,

Version 5.0.0 of GRDB, the toolkit for SQLite databases, is out!

As all new major versions, this one comes with breaking changes. The Migrating From GRDB 4 to GRDB 5 guide will help you through the upgrade.

Yet, the library remains true to the practices it has polished over the years. Upgrading your apps comes with:

  • Reactive programming improvements: Combine support is now embedded right into GRDB. The RxGRDB companion library has reached version 1.0.0. And more importantly, we now have exact feature parity between RxSwift and Combine. Previous versions had slight differences that could introduce subtle bugs when you switch reactive engine.

  • SQL builder: Support for subqueries.

  • Bug fixes, improved diagnostics, quality of life improvements, new FAQs...

For a detailed list of changes, please check the Release Notes.

Thank you to all users, beta testers, and sponsors! Your help and support has been quite welcome in this particular year 2020.

Happy GRDB!


I've been evaluating GRDB as an alternative for client data management for an upcoming project. Really impressed by the quality of the api, the documentation etc.

A big kudos to Gwendal for all the work that must have gone into this library. Congrats to a 5.0 release. And congrats on beeing more Swifty than Apple (and many others) :)

Use of simple structs that model exactly the data u need at any given time is awesome. The concurrency and safety focus is great and seems to make the apps data flow really easy to plan and reason about. And the new reactive features makes everything feel really progressive, modern and gives us new ways to tie the different layers of the application together in a consistent way.

Since my project probably will need a server component and shared data between client and server and client and client I'm forcing myself to evaluate other options that would allow as much code sharing between client and server as possible (currently Vapor/Fluent on the server and Fluent SQLite Driver on the client).

We'll see where I'll end up for this project. But GRDB will definitely be at the top of the list for other, more offline types of projects!

Happy GRDB!


Version 5.0.1 has shipped today, with a bug fix:

GRDB 5.0.2 is out, with an important bug fix: previous versions 5 would prevent some apps from shipping on the App Store. This was due to an accidental use of SQLite apis considered private. Avoid bad surprises, and upgrade!

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