New package GRDBQuery

Hello Swift community and GRDB users,

I've released a new package: GRDBQuery. It provides a reusable @Query property wrapper that feeds SwiftUI views with fresh database content:

import GRDBQuery
import SwiftUI

/// A view that displays an always up-to-date 
/// list of players in the database.
struct PlayerList: View {
    var players: [Player]
    var body: some View {
        List(players) { player in

In a way, @Query is for GRDB what @FetchRequest is for Core Data.

This new package comes with an interesting demo app, and it also feeds the updated SwiftUI + GRDB demo app.

Many thanks to @davedelong for the original inspiration (check out Core Data and SwiftUI | Dave DeLong), and @steipete for extra robustness!

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