New book "Modern Concurrency in Swift" is out now!

:tada: Incredibly excited to announce that “Modern Concurrency in Swift” is out now! It's a practical guide to Swift 5.5 's concurrency model, covering async/await, tasks, task groups and actors:

The team behind this book:

  • Marin Todorov, author
  • Richart Turton, technical editor
  • Felipe Laso Marsetti, technical editor
  • Sandra Grauschopf, editor
  • Shai Mishali, FPE

If you missed the news, in Swift 5.5.2 you can use the new concurrency syntax and APIs while targeting iOS13 and macOS10.15 so you can start learning and adopting right away :ok_hand:t3:

The digital book is available right now — with three free chapters to read online. A print version will be available in few months when we've squashed any remaining typos and misprints.

That's it, I hope you enjoy our work :books:!