New Are We Server Yet Site

Hi all,

I'm excited to launch today! :tada: Heavily inspired by Rust’s Are We Web Yet site, we hope to grow it into a solid resource for showcasing Swift on the Server and a comprehensive collection of packages to use. It’s open source (and written in Swift obviously!) so if you want to add anything or build out the topics page then please feel free to contribute!


That's really awesome. I was talking to a colleague about it last week. We were questioning the use of rust over go and I said let's do swift. We laughed a bit and then I asked him why no one had thought of Swift. First thought was Apple, there are a lot of haters out there. Second is performance. Rust and go are fucking fast and for most cases with a lot of memory rust always wins. I can't wait to see the statistics when Foundation is completely rewritten. Thanks for the resources.

Tim, this is really great, I think it looks fantastic. Love the fact that this consolidates information into one page, which really makes it much easier for people to find information who may just be getting started with Swift on the Server. I bookmarked the page and maybe one day I'll find myself with an opportunity to use Swift Server Side, I'll definitely be using this page as my guide. Thank you very much.

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