Need some help learning!

Hey Forum,
I'm just getting started with Swift and I've been using Apple's "AP Computer Science Principles with Swift" book. Its been going great but I think I'm stuck here.

I thought I understood the initial exercise but I've become a little confused with the "experiment." I'm not sure what it wants me to do.

Would anyone care to paraphrase or show me an example? :pray:

It seems it wants you to call the function a few times with different parameters, and save the result into variables. Probably to familiarize yourself with the function call syntax.

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I think it’s asking you to write several lines like the following around line 20:

let anotherSentence = myFavorite(type: "programming language", exact: "Swift")

let yetAnotherSentence = myFavorite(type: "bird", exact: "the swift")
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Swift is a bird, hmm, never know that :smile:

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Ah! Thank you.
I think I was overcomplicating it for myself and thought it was asking me to create a function that would fill in "exact" based on what I set the value of "type".
Appreciate the response.