Need help updating Learn to Code 1, Swift 5.7 edition

I am trying to add Learn to Code 1, Swift 5.7 edition to my playgrounds but when I add it it only downloads the Swift 5.3 version, despite it saying that is 5.7 edition. I have tried on various ipads (6th gen, 7th gen, 8th gen, 9th gen, pro - all running 16.2 or 16.3) and keep running in to the same issue. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app without any change. Has anyone else had this same issue or is there a bug that might be causing this? I am not familiar with the Swift app so I might be doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated.

Is there a 5.7 edition? I suspect that the 5.3 edition is still valid. Just because the language has moved to a newer version, the playground doesn’t need to have done so. You can think of the 5.3 as the minimum version of Swift required.

Is 5.7 explicitly mentioned anywhere to do with with that playground?

Thank you for your response - I was advised to post this on Apple forums by someone else, so I have done that as well.

Yes, it specifies that is is 5.7 edition when downloading - they are using this is in a classroom setting and about half of the devices will download 5.3 and the other will get 5.7 despite them being the same model and running the same iOS. I figured 5.3 would still work fine but I did have reports of it crashing.