Need guidance regarding how to start contribution

Hello Everyone,
My name is Sachin, an iOS Developer and I am really excited about working with you people. I went through the project ideas for GSoC'22 and I decided to contribute to "Package creation command and templates support for SwiftPM" project (For reference I have also added a screenshot below). What should I do to start contributing? If you could help me, I would be grateful.

Ping @tomerd @abertelrud @NeoNacho :slight_smile:
Just making sure we don’t miss it.

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@tomerd Hello Sir, It would be helpful for me If you could guide me regarding How to start my contribution.

Thanks for reaching out @skpandey885. We had a previous initiative to address the need, so a good start would be reading the previous pitch, proposal and feedback. One interesting new design direction is utilizing the new SwiftPM plugin subsystem, such that the functionality is abstracted as a new plugin type.

@tomerd Sir, I went through the pitch, proposal, and feedback. I am really excited to work under Swift.
Just wondering if I am allowed to share my draft proposal here so that you can give me feedback and suggestions so that I can improve them before the deadline.

Waiting for your reply :)

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Absolutely. Thanks @skpandey885.

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@tomerd Sir,
Please review my proposal and give some necessary feedback so that I can improve it as soon as possible. Here is the link to the proposal.

@ktoso @tomerd @abertelrud @NeoNacho Sir please review my proposal.

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Hi there, I read through the proposal -- it looks good, please make sure to submit it to the page so we can include it in the official review rounds :slight_smile:

@ktoso Sir, any other feedback or suggestion regarding my proposal?

As I just said, it looks good from a content, outline perspective. If the mentors want to chime in they still can but I think they might not have the time before the submission deadline tonight; so it might be best if you submit the proposal like this to not miss the deadline.

Best of luck in being selected!

@ktoso Thank your sir. Fingers Crossed :crossed_fingers:

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