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Some great work from the @swift-website-workgroup on improving the navigation of went live today:

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to these changes! These are fantastic to see!

Please feel free to provide feedback by messaging the @swift-website-workgroup or raising GitHub Issues on the website repository.


Fantastic work from @alexandersandberg and @kaishin especially!


This is a great improvement, thanks to everyone who worked on it!

One slight regression I've noticed: as someone who's frequently looking up developer snapshots, the path to the Releases page has become less clear. On the old layout, there was a Downloads link directly in the left sidebar. In the new layout, it looks like I have to click through "Latest Release" > "Package Installer" > one of the "download" or "snapshot" links in that page's prose (or a similar path for Linux).

Could we elevate that page back up a little higher? Maybe the "Download 5.9.2" button at the top could have a hover drop-down with a link to "Other Releases" or something like that.


Thank you for the feedback. We'll bring this up in our next workgroup meeting.


Looks great! Shout out to @alexandersandberg!

Shout out to @kaishin (who I'm still so grateful to for making the Carthage logo!)


Nice! But Xcode’s latest release is 15.2 if I remember.

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Thank you for the feedback @law!

I've filed Install page references outdated Xcode version as latest · Issue #493 · apple/swift-org-website · GitHub to capture the issue.

UPDATE: And PR #495

Great work @kaishin and @alexandersandberg! :clap:


Thank you! Credits go to the whole website workgroup though (and especially @kaishin) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Should there be a link to these forums, from e.g. the "community" menu?


i was migrating things to 5.10 today and was frequently jumping around the various “downloads” pages and also found the page layout to be unintuitive. it didn’t stop me as i am a swift toolchain fiend, but one can’t help but wonder how many conversions we are losing because people cannot find a download link.

i suggest consolidating install/ and download/ into one page as i kept clicking Download and then getting confused because it took me to Install Swift.


Thank you for the feedback @sveinhal.

There is a section about the forums including a link in the community overview, but it isn’t very prominent.

I’ll add this to the agenda to discuss at a future website workgroup meeting.

Thank you for the feedback @taylorswift.

I will put this on the agenda of an upcoming website workgroup meeting. Are there any other things in addition to combining the pages that would make the page(s) clearer to you?