MVVM uikit async await actor

For a UIKit project is it better to use actor or MainActor for the ViewModel in a MVVM project?
I saw apple using @MainActor for the uiviewcontroller in a wwdc
The viewModel has an async call and several shared item states
if I use actor for viewModel everytime I access a simple variable I then have to use Task { await viewModel.variable }

From Apple's CoffeeTracker Sample App they seem to use @MainActor for the CoffeeData class that functions as the modelData, however this is a SwiftUI project and its done mainly for the @Published public private(set) var currentDrinks: [Drink] = . However the coffeeDataStore is attached to the CoffeData. The coffeeDataStore has the async calls and is the actor.

Which brings me to the second point maybe I need to have a second object which is an actor that is connected to the viewModel which then passes its info to the viewModel but that breaks MVVM.