Mutating store after initialization

Hi. I'm brand new to Swift. I've been reading about tca, but I'm pretty confused about how to dispatch an action from "outside". The use-case is this: I have a plain view that drives a TCA based view. Plain view deals with @State, @ObservableObject, etc, and instantiates the TCA based view. TCA view initializes the store, etc. But over time, the parent view wants to update this data. How do I make this data flow all the way into the TCA store from the top parent? Is there an example that's easy to digest for a novice? Thanks.

Hi @elijahww ! I think the best way to onboard on TCA as a novice is to take a TCA examples tour. You can check it on GitHub, for example, the VoiceMemos project. It might help you to understand better the basics of how to mutate states between stores.