I would like to pitch the library MQTTNIO for inclusion in the SSWG package list. MQTTNIO is a MQTT client library built on top of Swift NIO.


MQTT is a messaging protocol commonly used for communicating with IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It is a lightweight publish/subscribe message transport designed to have a small code footprint and network bandwidth.

MQTTNIO is a MQTT client built on top of SwiftNIO, that provides full support for both v3.1.1 and v5 of the MQTT protocol. It runs on macOS, iOS and Linux. It supports WebSocket connections and TLS through both NIOSSL and NIOTransportServices.

There are a number of Swift MQTT libraries out there but many are not built on top of SwiftNIO. And many only support one version of the protocol or don’t provide WebSocket or TLS connections. MQTTNIO provides all of these. The library has also recently gained new Swift concurrency APIs.


+1 from me - this would add a valuable messaging library to the ecosystem


+1 from me as well. We are using MqttNio in our iOS app since a couple of weeks and replaced the previous AWS Objective-C implementation with it. Since then we saw a huge stability increase in our Mqtt stack


:+1: from me, MQTT is has been on the SSWG wish list for a while.



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Awesome! MQTT is an important standard, happy to endorse that. :slight_smile:



@FranzBusch I’m happy we managed to get past the signing issue. Great to hear it is working out for you.

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