Move the Result Builders section in TSPL to its own chapter?

The Result Builders section is currently in the Advanced Operators chapter. Unless I misunderstand it, result builders are not operators.


Agreed, Result Builders will only become a larger part of Swift, so it deserves its own chapter.

Same for actors, I was surprised that a fundamental Swift type doesn't get its own chapter (although structs and classes do share a chapter).

I think in general there should be more written in TSPL for Concurrency – it has one page vs the numerous pages for example in the kotlinx.coroutines docs. There is so much fantastic material written in the evolution proposals, all of which do a great job at explaining these complex concepts in approachable yet detailed ways, I personally think it would be a shame to have that lost in the evolution proposals website.


I would expect actor to share a chapter with class, since they seem to be summarized as β€œclasses with built-in thread safety.”

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Is TSPL part of the Swift open-source project or is it Apple property? If it's the former, it could be nice if members of the community could make pull requests to it – for instance, at the very beginning it still says that "Swift is a new programming language" and that it's "for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS development".


It’s closed source

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