More push towards distribution and promotion of the Server Side Swift Framework

Lots of efforts are being made for creation of new frameworks and creating new libraries since last few years for making Swift on Server Side a real success, which is commendable. Let's also accept the fact that server side swift is also something which requires cooperation and support of wider developer community outside Apple ecosystem too, especially on Linux side and, so cooperation with external developers is also a requirement. A time has come for putting efforts also towards promotion and distribution of Server Side Swift too. And currently Server Side Swift is extremely strategic and important as only that technological stack is going to survive and thrive where you can create API and server side modules too. Because mobiles are just becoming another consumption tools and almost entire logic is being shifted towards server side and this trend is accelerating with more push towards cloud, so giving developers capability to develop API and deploying it on the cloud is becoming critical need of the hour as well as strategic too and because of this almost every major tech company company is pushing towards it. Also every technological framework has one major server side tool, for JS its node , for Java-Kotlin ecosystem its Spring and for Server Side Swift, Vapor is emerging as that framework. Though people can use Swift NIO to develop their framework but let's accept the reality that almost no developer is going to do that but would rather use Vapor. And in this regard Vapor is extremely important for the future of Swift and by that logic for Apple itself. I just feel that the Server Side Swift and Vapor as a product is right but needs more efforts on distribution. Given the importance and criticality of server side swift I believe there should be a session on Server Side Swift by SSWG in the upcoming WWDC2020 and a workshop or lab on using Vapor can be there. These small steps will go a long way towards building confidence and trust of the developer community, which is very important. And also its time when Apple should start recognising and promoting developers and communities which are doing a significant work and are enriching and deepening its technological ecosystem, especially on the server side as cooperation with external developer community is a way forward. So I make a pitch towards

  1. Having at least a session in the upcoming WWDC 2020 on the server side Swift and a workshop on creation of server side Swift API.
  2. Putting more resources and focus on the distribution and promotion of Server Side Swift, to the wider communities. As these frameworks are there since last few years, Swift has matured to a greater extent and underlying frameworks are also maturing but their acceptance and use by developers and companies has to pick pace, which require distribution and promotion push from the Apple side.
  3. Recognition and incentivizing of developers, who are doing significant work in this regard and publicly acknowledging their efforts as it will motivate these set of developers and future lot too.

This will go a long way towards winning developers' trust and confidence, a critical factor for building a winning ecosystem.

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