Monorepo using SPM Packages

Hello, swift community!
I would like to discuss an issue that i experienced when using local SPM packages, but first of all I would like to start from my setup
We have a monorepo for several of our projects that share a lot of commonly used logic such as UI elements, design system, resources, permissions logic etc

At some point we decided to organise everything inside workspace but quickly discovered that different projects require different remote packages with sometimes different versions so we moved from workspace to several Xcode projects

We share this common logic inside spm packages to ease our integration of frameworks

But when I try to open two Xcode projects or project and package that both depend on same local package at the same time I always get an error:
Couldn't load a xcode project because it is already opened from another project or workspace
Missing package product

It really frustrates because I have to use VSCode or some kind of external IDE to lookup code inside another project.

What kind of solution can you suggest for me to solve my problem?

Thanks in forward,
Alexey Ivashko

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