Module.modulemap redefinition of module issue

Need help with xcfamework.
I've created a xcfamework from two binaries

Some story:
I have a library( packaged as a framework ) that does not support arm64 sim on Apple Silicon.
The framework consist from an Afile and Headers

I've unpacked the arm64 slice from it
lipo -thin arm64 Example.framework/Example -output Example.arm64
Extracted O files
ar x Example.arm64
patch them with arm64-to-sim from

$ for file in *.o; do arm64-to-sim $file; done;
`$ ar crv ../Example.arm64-reworked *.reworked.o`

Next, I packed them back into fat binary
$ lipo -create -output Example Example.x86_64 Example.arm64-reworked
And finally packed two binaries arm64 + (arm64+x86_64) fat into xcframework

xcodebuild -create-xcframework
    -library products/iOS/usr/local/lib/libMyLibrary.a -headers products/iOS/usr/local/include
    -library products/iOS_Simulator/usr/local/lib/libMyLibrary.a -headers products/iOS/usr/local/include
    -output xcframeworks/MyLibrary.xcframework

Now is the issue:
After I've imported created xcframework into my project and building it I'm getting compilation error:

module.modulemap redefinition of module MyLibraryName