Module defined through modulemap cannot be imported in swift file in a framework target

I am trying to create a framework which has mix of Objective-c and Swift files.

I want to access some internal objective-c classes within Swift code so I ended up declaring the files in module map (in place of umbrella header since it exposes public interfaces):

module AwesomeKitPrivate {
      header "../InternalClass.h"
      export *

Now the problem is in my swift code when I am trying to access it by importing the module, it is giving following error:

`No such module AwesomeKitPrivate`

Here is the example code:

import AwesomeKitPrivate // Here we are getting the error
    import UIKit
    @objc open class MyAwesomeViewController: UIViewController {
    // Some code using InternalClass

I have also double checked the import path is set correctly:


I am wondering is there any existing build setting which is overriding it's behavior, which I should double check?