Missing dSYMs, XCode14 with disabled bitcode, local Swift Packages


We use Crashlytics for crash reports and recently we started to receive warnings that some dSYMs are missing. The main latest changes are the switch to Xcode 14 that brought disabling bitcode, and the introduction of local Swift Packages (in addition of external Swift Packages).
These internal Swift Packages can reference each other (one is for base classes, another for style and UI elements, and the others are features using them).

The UUID of these missing dSYMs are not in the generated DSYMs, only in the "symbols" folder of the created IPA, as ".symbol" file.

All targets and CocoaPods dependencies are set with "DWARF with dSYM File". I could not find any settings for Swift Packages (both external and local) but as far as I understood they will use the app target setting.

According to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71139977/is-there-a-way-to-generate-dsyms-for-swift-packages-when-xcode-archiving: By default swift packages are compiled as static libraries so that its binaries will be inserted in your app's binary and all symbolication info will be inside "YourApp.dSYM" under __swift_ast section.

I checked in the app dSYM, but could not find in it any "__swift_ast" section.

Could that be the reason of the missing dSYMs, and is there any setting that would prevent the creation of the "__swift_ast" section? Should this "__swift_ast" section be visible?

Thanks for any help!