[migration details] Doc repos moving to /swiftlang

Hey Docs crew :)

I’m Paris, sit on the Core Team and helping with the /swiftlang repo migrations. (context)

Many repos this group oversees and contributes to will be migrating this week, starting today at 1pm PT / 8pm UTC. I will post back here after milestones are hit. This includes DocC repos + markdown. (full schedule here)

What to expect:

  • Most repos will take <20 minutes to transfer and at that time there will be no forking, pushing, pulling, etc. The repo is down.
  • Once up, we will work on access, permissions, root file clean up, and CI. You will not be able to test PRs at this time / engage with CI.
  • Total time per repo can be 30 minutes to 1.5 hours based on our past experience.

Update as of 1:56pm:

  • all repos in the schedule have been migrated for today*; CI is not up yet.
    *INCLUDING: swiftlang/swift-lmdb

@mishal_shah to update when we are live with CI


Swift CI is now updated to use the new swiftlang org for swift-docc, swift-docc-plugin, swift-docc-symbolkit, swift-docc-render-artifact, swift-docc-render, swift-markdown, and swift-lmdb repositories.