Mentor for helping port Swift to Windows

I started programming Swift for iOS a year ago, and I really love the language. I’d love to be able to write Swift code on my main Windows machine.

I’m not sure I have the skills to really help make an impact or do anything useful, but I’d love to help contribute to this in any way I can.

I’m sure I’d need a fair bit of help or direction on what would need to be done, and I’d understand if having to handhold would slow the project down, but if anyone was interested in mentoring or helping me learn this kind of work, it sounds really interesting to me.

In any case, a massive thanks to everyone here and their hard work to bring Swift to Windows.

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Have you tried using it on Windows yet? That would give you an idea of its current state. Installation instructions can be found here. It may also be helpful to compare those instructions with this script I’ve been putting together which installs it in a GitHub workflow.

From there, you can pick something you wish worked that still doesn’t and come back and ask how to go about improving it. (@compnerd seems to be the ultimate authority right now, but depending on what piece you want to work on, others of us might be able to give advice too.)