Member macro conformances release for SwiftSyntax

Member macro conformances feature has been implemented in Swift 5.9.2 as mentioned in evolution document. Due to the new protocol requirement introduced as part of this proposal, this requires a release from `SwifySyntax with protocol definition update.

While the evolution doc feature is mentioned as implemented the SwiftSyntax release required hasn't happened yet. Is there any timeline on when this release will happen?

Also, for scenarios like this, can the evolution document itself contain the accurate status of implementation?


Not cherry-picking the necessary swift-syntax changes was an oversight. I’m doing so now [509] Add `conformingTo` parameter to `MemberMacro.expansion` function by ahoppen · Pull Request #2420 · apple/swift-syntax · GitHub

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Just released 509.1.0: Release 509.1.0 · apple/swift-syntax · GitHub

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Thank you @ahoppen for this quick resolution, this will help my library MetaCodable to release support for classes and actors.