Meeting Notes: September 27, 2023


Special guest:

Action Items

  • :a: Swiftly: Discuss future strategy with Mishal and Patrick @FranzBusch
  • :a: Update guide around Structured Concurrency @FranzBusch
  • :a: Collect ideas around Swift on Server marketing, migration from the core-lib, CI strategy, summarise survey feedback, static linking testing everyone
  • :a: Draft up a Concurrency and Swift on Server constructive discussion document @FranzBusch
  • :a: Push the survey once more and give it another week to collect replies @ktoso
  • :a: Post SQLite review @ktoso
  • :a: Post DiscordBM and OpenAPI review @Joannis_Orlandos
  • :a: ServiceContext and DistributedTracing: All agreed in principle but Adam wasn't present so we discuss it again in the next meeting review @adam-fowler
  • :a: Let's talk about collection like in memory caches or LRU caches in the next meeting


  • @fabianfett presented a proposal for connection pools
    • Discussion around usage of swift-log and swift-metrics
    • Overall feedback was great. Though some more concrete requirements and examples would help motivate the proposal