Meeting Notes: October 11, 2023


Special Guests

SPI Discussion

  • Dave is concerned that SPI would be 'blessing' packages
  • Tom and Franz note that the SSWG doesn't want to bless packages.
  • Tom notes that Github keywords are not applicable, but we'd still like for these package collections to be found
  • Dave notes that the SSWG has a 'special' process, but that it would be easier if other workgroups would also have the same/similar processes
  • Konrad likes Dave's approach, and refers to the Scala ecosystem
  • Joannis refers to people using 'Awesome Lists' as well
  • Dave likes the idea of having 'showcases' for packages, and the SSWG simply links their own showcased libraries, thereby having no special privileges above other SPI users
  • Only remaining issue is authentication/authorization. Proposed solution is just claiming a label (e.g. SSWG) using a PR, and linking to a file managed externally

Previous Items

  • :a: Swiftly: Discuss future strategy with Mishal and Patrick - still open @adam-fowler (was previously owned by @FranzBusch)
  • :a: Update guide around Structured Concurrency - started @FranzBusch
  • :a: Collect ideas around Swift on Server marketing, migration from the core-lib, CI strategy, summarise survey feedback, static linking testing. @franzBusch to create a thread
  • Posted SQLite review
  • Post DiscordBM and OpenAPI review
  • :a: DiscordBM and OpenAPI in package collection and @Joannis_Orlandos
  • ServiceContext and DistributedTracing: All agreed in principle but Adam wasn't present so we discuss it again in the next meeting review


  • Let's talk about collection like in memory caches or LRU caches in the next meeting
    • @tomerd thinks these are useful server environments, for ex. Java's Guava. Open question; is it a useful (set of) libraries for the SSWG
    • @tachyonics it's useful for the community for completeness
    • @franzbusch agreed, but we need to be clear about the features it should support
    • @ktoso @tomerd and @FranzBusch LRU caches first, and maybe object pools
    • @tomerd build it in swift-server, as a separate package. Bring value quickly without getting blocked on the conceptual phase
    • :a: @tomerd creates a repo where we can dump implementations and/or ideas
  • Pitch MongoNIO or MongoKitten first?
  • AsyncChannel APIs being cleaned up, small runtime performance issue which is probably not an issue. We can soon start leaning on these new APIs
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