Meeting Notes Oct 18th, 2022: Getting Started Page Discussion

Attendees: @alexandersandberg @James_Dempsey @kaishin @tomerd

Action Items:

  • Create a top section in the getting started page with links to curated guides covering the most common use cases of Swift (App development, CLI, Vapor, etc).
    • Implement layout & content template + empty destination pages if needed @kaishin
    • Create a CLI guide page @tomerd
    • Create a Vapor guide page (cc @0xTim)
  • Create a "Go Further" middle section with links to resources such as documentation, articles, videos, etc. Each link would have a title and an introductory description, with optional image thumbnails.
    • Identify concrete examples of content that can be linked in this section and define a content schema (YAML or JSON) to be used. @James_Dempsey
    • Implement layout & content template.
  • Explore creating a "Community Resources" section with links to external resources and guides.
    • Define a content schema to be used.
    • Implement layout & content template.