Meeting Notes Nov 8th, 2022



  • James shared a proposal for “go further” section (content improvements)
    • data format (YAML)
      • Name and description,
      • Link and content type
      • Thumbnail URL
      • Publication date
    • Topics to starts with: concurrency (WWDC talk), generics (WWDC talk), regular expressions WWDC talk), advanced string (Blog post) - maybe too advanced
    • Jame will open a PR into the content-improvements branch and iterate there
  • Dave been out sick, but expects to have a PR for the community blog posts process
  • Reda expects to create a PR for the top part of the getting started page into the content-improvements branch
  • Tom put together a prototype of the new install and download pages, and will open a PR into the content-improvements branch soon. this is currently with @mishal_shah since it requires generating slightly richer metadata for releases
  • Discussion on what kind of community generated content we can feature on the getting started guide:
    • Reda pointed out almost all language websites are listing conferences, even paid. James suggested a community calendar of sort where community members can make PRs to add events with some supervision (PR review, clear criteria)
    • For featuring “go further” community talks, we floated the idea of community members writing a blog post which includes a reference to the “deep dive” recorded talk and then it can be pulled into the “go further” section. Kristina pointed out the community showcase blog post the diversity workgroup put together as a good model to base this on.