Meeting Notes: April 25th 2023


Feature Flags

Community Blog Posts

  • Couple of blog posts ready to pitch as well - will go to marketing for sign off
  • Covered experience of 5.8 Blog Post and ways to improve it
  • Deadlines make things difficult and stuff can get missed, discussed better ways to align timescales with release processes by following Xcode RCs and blog post should be ready to go by 48 hours after RC
  • For future Swift releases (major and minor but not patch), @mishal_shah suggested we have a checklist we follow for the website, forum posts in Announcements and blog posts

Steering Group Meeting

  • Meeting set up
  • Plan is to discuss the content improvement and showcase the new stuff
  • The focus is on the content improvements but plan to show the visual changes if time allows
  • :a: @tomerd to create agenda slides

Other Items

  • Follow up - proposal JSON script open sourcing
  • Should we add WWDC stuff? To follow up with @TimTr
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