Meeting Notes: 29th March 2023


@tomerd @0xTim @ktoso @graskind @adam-fowler @davmoser @Joannis_Orlandos @FranzBusch @tachyonics @Patrick

From Previous Meeting:

  • :a: @graskind finish updating swift evolution for property wrappers in protocols - carry over
  • :a: @0xTim to investigate slim containers based on Canonical's work - carry over
  • :a: @0xTim SwiftPM support in Dependabot - working on this. Looking through old PRs will have something for next meeting - in progress, PR might be up next week
  • :a: @jdmcd to put together a pitch for blog (Transeo scaling Swift) - carry over
  • @0xTim ask Mishal what is plan going forward for swift docker files. Are we going to use Swiftly? - current plan leave things as is and write them manually. Patrick mentioned that Swiftly CI uses the Dockerfiles anyway
  • @FranzBusch and @0xTim write 2022 Review Post - putting it together
    • :a: will show next time
  • @tomerd to raise Windows CI with the core team. SSWG is asking for help here, it's out of our scope but we want to see it happen in support of continual Windows dev environment improvements - being discussed
  • @FranzBusch to update ServiceLifecycle based on feedback from all - lots of feedback, need Vapor to look at it. Adam and Simon have looked at it and are happy
  • @tomerd to look at Swift Ecosystem post and give a thumbs up/down - will be launched alongside the annual review
  • @adam-fowler to help migrate dev containers work to SSWG Github org - done
  • @patrick to post Jan 18th SSWG notes - done


  • Onboard @Joannis_Orlandos
  • From @0xTim - Support AL2023 now it’s been released, mainly for Mishal to sort out.
    • :a: @davmoser to reach out to Sebastian or anyone else to see if he has time
  • @tachyonics talking about a new shared HTTPServer to be a backbone for server libraries. @0xTim mentioned it needs to support HTTP/1 HTTP/2 and gRPC all side be side etc. @FranzBusch mentioned it should use the new async NIO hooks to get into concurrency as soon as possible
    • :a: @tachyonics to create a post on the forums to gather requirements and to state goals and non-goals
  • @0xTim raised the security guidelines from GitHub which all package authors should be aware of. They can be found here
  • @ktoso has tagged the Tracing 1.0.0 Beta
    • :a: everyone to take a look
    • @adam-fowler mentioned it broke a lot of things and doesn’t support old Swift/platform versions
    • @ktoso said it will stick to the same NIO support strategy
    • @0xTim mentioned that Vapor might be getting more aggressive around dropping Swift version support
  • @ktoso got access to surveys tool we can use to publish a survey
    • :a: @ktoso and @tomerd to work to publish it
    • :a: everyone to take a look to make sure everything is still good to go
  • Swiftly is migrated to the Swift Server repo and CI is set up. Repo here
    • @patrick to get the final 1.0 stuff ready
  • :a: @tomerd to organise core team link up based around the 2023 goals
  • :a: All to ensure the publish meeting notes