Meet SwiftGodot by Miguel de Icaza

Hey, everyone!

I have found a pretty fascinating Swift project by the original author of GNOME, Xamarin and Mono, and I just wanted to share my findings with the community. :slight_smile:

Meet SwiftGodot


Wow that is so cool :slight_smile:

I hope that with ownership, cross compilation, macros and the embedded mode Swift will be on its way to becoming one of the most popular programming languages. It seems to be completely unique in the amount of both control and high level expressiveness without overreliance on macros to get there, like Rust does.

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Nice, thank you for sharing!

I think I can share something as well, as I just found this video one day ago of Miguel talking about it on GodotCon2023.
I really enjoyed the talk.


I'm blown away by how the website's design mirrors Apple's tutorials – it's incredibly impressive. I used to be a huge fan when I was into Linux, so it's exciting to see him diving into an open-source Swift project now. Thank you for sharing