May 2nd, 2019

(Tanner) #1

Attendees: Tanner Nelson, Johannes Weiss, Ian Partridge, Tomer Doron, Logan Wright

  • NIOHTTPClient:
    • Artem will create and post the proposal
    • Discussion proposal first, then Feedback after
    • Sponsor for this proposal will be the SSWG
    • Working on OpenSSL 1.0 / 1.1 support (pointer converting)
    • Potentially worth using NIOHTTPClient
    • SSWG will consider fast tracking NIOHTTPClient
    • Vapor / Tanner will sponsor
  • Docker
    • 5.0.0 didn’t get tagged, looking into adding a historical tag
    • 5.0.2 should be getting tagged, too
    • Installing Python fails on Swift docker images, working w/ Swift team to resolve this
    • Still working on getting nightly Swift builds on Docker, check up on this next time
  • Logging
    • PR to switch stdout / stderr
    • Cocoapod created
    • Ian released syslog backend for swift-log
  • Backtrace lib:
    • Ian put up a lib for installing SIGILL handlers
    • Ian will post thread for this
  • Metrics
    • Everything looks good, Tomer will tag
  • NIOPostgres
    • Discussion proposal going up after the call
    • After NIOPostgres, Tanner will start work on NIOMySQL pitch
  • MQTT
    • Ian is close to an MVP
  • AMQP
    • Tanner will reach out to ask to write a pitch
    • IBM will consider sponsoring this
  • Mongo database drivers
    • Touch base on pitching w/ maintainers (several variations exist)

@tanner0101 i've corrected small typo regarding mongo database drivers pitch