May 26th 2021

Attendance: @0xTim, @tachyonics, @johannesweiss, @tomerd, @varland, @ktoso

Carried over from the 12th of May

@varland will continue to nudge AWS guide author
@ktoso to continue discussing GitHub Actions with Moritz
@0xTim to revisit evolution process language

Action Items

Everyone to post survey ideas on forum post
@0xTim to post forum post about dropped support for 16.04
Everyone to look at - Swift on Server updates
@johannesweiss to post SSWG update

We need to reach out to the package maintainers to ensure they follow the new guidelines:
@johannesweiss to reach out to SwiftNIO, Swift Log, Async HTTP Client, gRPC and Swift Crypto teams
@ktoso to reach out to Swift Metrics and Statsd
@0xTim to reach out to PostgresNIO, RediStack, APNSwift, Prometheus, Soto
@tomerd to reach out to OpenAPI, AWS Lambda, Backtrace, Lifecycle
@kmahar to handle MongoDB


SSWG Incubation Levels

Need to schedule a vote for package incubation levels. We should probably do this offline to enable everyone to vote
Need to find a way to automate it
Both Vapor and Smoke planning to pitch their frameworks


Where should we host them? @0xTim suggested it should be our own domain, @tachyonics agrees, as long as it's signed by a cert under our own name.


There's a desire to push this through and ensure we get this done. Is there anyone in the community we can help to get these scripted?
@varland asks if there is a way to collate and public record community wishes of things we want to get done.
Maybe we should create an SSWG-wishlist repo so issues can be filed and community members can find things to work on. - Swift on Server updates

New content discussing Swift on the server
@tachyonics would like to see graphs for the performance claims
@0xTim would like to see some sort of 'getting started' guide for Swift on the server.
We need to rearrange the guides and can add something there.


@ktoso & @kmahar - link of post discussing difficulties in setting up SourceKit and VSCode. This links back to our desire for better tooling
@0xTim to try daily driving it and will report back


Discussion around how to best migrate the community to async/await and account for any potential future breaking changes in low-level libraries. Should we encourage frameworks and packages to migrate first and then do the low-level stuff or should it be bottom up.
@johannesweiss - we don't want it to take a year and a half for the community to migrate like NIO 1 to NIO 2.
@tachyonics said Smoke planning a release to remove the EventLoopFuture APIs when async/await lands
@0xTim Vapor will run them side by side for a while
Something to discuss further


Thanks for the recap!


To start a little bit on that we'll create some tickets in the swift-server/guides repo, and we can take it from there :+1:


We're looking to add support for curated package collections like the SSWG projects to the Swift Package Index. Perhaps that might serve as a location?


This was launched on the package collections blog - it lives at