May 16th, 2019

16th May SSWG Meeting Notes

attendance: Tom, Tanner, Logan, Johannes. Chris submitted vote, Ian on holiday

  • docker status
    n/a , Ian on holiday
  • logging status
    Johannes to release 1.1.0 with the latest changes
  • metrics status
    • would be great to see proper implementations (prometheus ongoing but quiet recently)
  • backtrace library pitch?
    n/a , Ian on holiday
  • postgres client status/vote
    unanimous (modulo Ian who is on holiday) yes, to sandbox
  • redis client
    in review, quiet lately
  • http client
    in feedback. Lots of talk about back-pressure for the upload API. Tom pointed out that 'proxying' body forward is an important use-case (not only files).
  • apns client
    in review
  • new or other pitches and proposals
    not much to report

Getting more work on this is on my to-do list for during/after WWDC :smile: